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During a saxophone re pad instruments are inspected, stripped, cleaned. Tone holes checked and dressed as necessary. Minor dents removed, if possible, Springs and Corks replaced where needed. I do not replace all springs during a re-pad as this is not in the best interest of the instrument (it can cause more problems later if not required). I will replace any spring that has come to the end of its serviceable life or looks like it is close to this point. My minimum standard pads are  Pisoni Premium Delux pads and are fitted using Shellac. Instrument is reassembled and regulation is set up. A free three month inspection is also included in the price. This will give me an opportunity to inspect the work and make any minor adjustments needed after the settling in of new pads. I do not and will not fit the cheap pads you see advertised on sites like EBay. Feel free to ask me why.

Usually most repairers use naked flame to seat pads by floating them in Shellac. I now use a hot air torch that is totally controllable. This significantly reduces any risk of heat damage to the instrument and its components.

I do not fit cheap Internet pads and do not fit pads supplied by the customer unless in very special circumstances.

Re pad work carries a 12 month guarantee and a free three month check down service. Not to include wear and tear or misuse.

Cost for re-pads start at £275 on a Saxophone

This will  rise depending on instrument and size. For example a Baritone Sax will cost more than and Alto sax.

Please call for advise and a free inspection of instrument.

Saxophone Re pad

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