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A re-pad for any instrument should make a huge and impressive difference to your ability to sound notes, feel to play and how your sound reaches the ear, not just for you but for others listening.

“How do I know if my instrument needs a re-pad?”

If it look s like it does, it probably does. Pads look discoloured, split and dry.

If you have many leaks and you can see that the pads are damaged.

The instrument doesn’t feel even through out the action. You have to press fingers down hard to get any response.

These are just a few suggestions.

I offer a choice of pads to suit your needs. But my minimum standard of pad is always premium. I do not fit the pads you see advertised for very little money on EBay or such sites.

It costs nothing to bring it in for a visual check and some free advice.

I use only premium pads on all re pads. These being Pisoni pads for Saxophones/Clarinets, Lucien Deluxe bladder pads on Clarinets/flutes/Piccolos. I also fit Roo pads. And JLSmith Gold plated Flute pads by special order (These are only for top end Pro Flutes due to the way in which they are seated). I do not fit cheap Internet pads and do not fit pads supplied by the customer unless in very special circumstances. Corks and springs are replaced as needed. I do not replace all springs during a re pad. I will not do this as it may alter the balance and I do not believe in fixing what does not need mending. If this is your requirement, then please refer to the overhauls page.

Usually most repairers use naked flame to seat pads by floating them in Shellac. I now use a hot air torch or my carbon electrode set up, on wooden instruments, that are totally controllable. This significantly reduces any risk of heat damage to the instrument and its components.

Please remember that there can be difference’s to these prices. For example an open hole flute may cost more. A professional instrument will cost more due to cost of parts. Different size instruments may alter cost, a Baritone sax will cost more than an Alto sax.

Please be aware of price before work begins.

Re pads have a 12 month Guarantee (with conditions) and a free three month check down service included in price of the re pad.

Most major cards accepted