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Looking for good value music lessons given by people that actually play the instrument you are learning?

Most of us spend a huge amount of money, time and effort over many years investing in our love of music and learning to play our chosen instrument. I would advise any one looking to start out or improve their playing to seek a specialist  teacher for their chosen instrument.

Every minute you spend learning incorrect technique and methods will take you years to put right later. Also many people give up playing as they find learning too difficult. Finding a teacher that understands the instrument and has the ability to play it is an absolute must. I remember one customer who said their daughters teacher said she had the wrong shape mouth to play a saxophone and that was the reason the lessons they had been paying for had not resulted in any progress. The young girl could not play a single note after many lessons. It took less than ten minutes for me to show her how to play a full scale. 7 Notes! There was nothing wrong with the student or the shape of her mouth.

“I’ll use a cheaper teacher until I get to a standard that requires a more qualified one.”

One of the  most expensive mistakes you will ever make.

Nothing is more frustrating than having to learn all over again something you thought you had already mastered.

Believe me when I say this almost is always the case when you go down the route of saving pennies at the start.

Save your time and money by going to the right person first. There are many good and qualified teachers in the area. I will list a few here that I would recommend without any reservations. Also a couple of local groups that may be of interest to you if you are looking to broaden your ensemble playing.

Flute Cocktail

Ruth Ballantyne

Flautist and teacher

Ray Beavis Saxophonist and teacher

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