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Web site built and maintained by Mike Nottage

As a saxophone player and being married to a performing flute player, I am aware of how much care is needed to look after other peoples instruments. In fact the reason I started in the repair business was due to having one of my own saxophones destroyed when I put it in for a re pad. I enrolled on a training course with a repairer that I respected. During this time I took my own instruments (Saxophones, Clarinet, Flutes) apart and overhauled them before touching any one else's. Amazing how working on your own pride and joy focuses your mind.

I work from a small workshop at home and prefer the more personal approach to my work. For a no obligation, free quote or advice contact me

I have a firm belief that any instrument, no matter what it’s monitory value, should be treated with the same respect as any other. I always aim to leave all customers feeling they have been given that little something extra that is hard to get from a large business. I do guarantee my work and will let you  know if there is any change to a quote before carrying on with a job. This can sometimes happen if once I strip an instrument down I find something that could not be seen before.

Emergency repairs.

As a gigging sax player I understand that there will be times when something falls off your instrument or stops working just before a gig. If this happens contact me I will always try to fit you in and get you up and blowing if at all possible for you to meet your commitments.

Most major cards accepted